Expeditions: Experiential Learning through Travel

Our programs have a three pronged approach. First, our travelers will have a detailed curriculum that they will work through with their teacher that engages them in learning about a culture in another part of the world.  Secondly, we have a rigorous leadership training component that teaches our travelers the skills necessary to be a leader. Finally, we travel to the country the students have been learning about to experience, first-hand, the culture and to engage in an in-country, service learning project.

Our expeditions are at the core of our experiential learning model.  Our students will spend an entire year working towards the in-country experience.  Once there, they are immersed in the culture; eating local food, working side-by-side with the locals, and even staying in the homes of the locals.  It is an amazing experience that changes their perspective on the world and their place in it.