Our Mission:

To create compassionate, global leaders through international travel and service learning projects.

Our Vision:

For tomorrow’s world leaders to understand the diversity of the global community.

What We Do:

As our world becomes smaller, we are no longer looking at our “community” as being our town, state, or even country.  The world is increasingly becoming our community.  It will be important for our future leaders to have an understanding and empathy for cultures and peoples of the world.  Or goal is to give our students an understanding of the different cultures through experiential learning.  In addition, our students progress through a detailed leadership training curriculum in preparation for their expedition experience. Finally, to stress the importance of empathy, our expedition members engage in an in-country service learning project that will not only benefit the local community but bring our respective communities closer together.

Who We Are:

Stan and his wife, Amber, at the gate to Mount Kilimanjaro

Executive Director, Stan Hickory








Stan Hickory is the founder and Executive Director of Trek To Lean.  Based originally in Chicago, in 1996 Stan started a non-profit called C.L.I.M.B. For Kids.  The intent of this origination was to “cultivate leadership in mind and body” (C.L.I.M.B.) in at risk youth in the Chicago area through international travel and service learning.  After moving to Boulder, Colorado and getting a job teaching in the Adams12 school district, Stan re-established C.L.I.M.B. For Kids in Colorado, under the name Trek To Learn.  The goals of the organization have not changed, just the name.

Stan’s history with education, travel, and the outdoors go back many years.  Stan was the owner of Apex Adventure Alliance, a mountain and rock climbing guiding company. Through this company, Stan has lead mountaineering trips to Asia, South America, Europe and Africa.  In addition, Stan has personally taught over 5000 people how to rock climb. Stan has also been a classroom educator since 1995, teaching English and Geography. Stan has also traveled to over 30 countries throughout the world.  These experiences combined are what have fueled Stan’s desire to use the world as a classroom for travelers through Trek To learn.